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Find out what your kitten likes with the multi-flavored Meow Mix

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It’s almost impossible to not have heard of Meow Mix. Even if you don’t know that it’s a company that makes both wet and dry cat food, you at least must know its advertising song, which has been – and still is – a song we all love. Apart from the song, which is only an advertising jingle for the food, there comes the cat food itself. We consider that it’s more important to provide good, healthy food for the cats, than just have a funny advertising song. Are they doing a good job on feeding your cats only healthy, tasty food, however?

What is Meow Mix?

Meow Mix is a variety of cat food, both wet and dry, made by Del Monte Foods, a producer of food products for both humans and animals. Meow Mix first appeared in 1974, and it was owned initially by Purina, however now it’s owned entirely by Del Monte Foods.

Meow Mix Flavors.

First of all, you must know that Meow Mix has many types of cat food, designed to help in a certain way, at a certain age and time. Their food is mostly divided by three big types: the wet food, the dry food and some treats.

  1. Wet varieties, where you get:
  • Soufflés
  • Paté Toppers
  • Tender Favorites
  • Savory Morsels
  • Variety Packs
  1. Dry cat food, where you can chose:
  • Tender Centers
  • Original Choice
  • Seafood Medley
  • Hairball Control
  • Indoor Formula
  • Kitten Li’l Nibbles
  1. Treats, where you can take a special, Ocean Explosion for you cat.

Each type of food has its own taste and flavor, but the pieces are relatively alright for the cats to eat, and the texture is soft and delicious. They make a very tasty meal for a very inexpensive price, plus that there are so many flavors your cat can fall in love with.

The ingredients they use

Meow Mix is all about mixes between different types of food; however, the most used ingredients in the mixes are ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal. Apart from these, chicken is also used a lot, making it a good source of proteins, while the beef tallow gives the fat source. There are many ocean fish and tuna flavors used as well, however they aren’t that well recommended. There have always been problems whether you should or you shouldn’t give your cat tuna. Your kitten has to be healthy and grow without any problems. Most specialists strongly recommend to not give tuna to the cats, because the tuna fish contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B1. It’s not recommended to feed your cat tuna often, because she can develop a vitamin B1 deficiency and have several neurological symptoms, but as a treat, it is alright. Tuna is still very high in proteins, and it is delicious to the cats – but these flavors should only come as a treat, from time to time, nothing more!

The Vitamins

With the Meow Mixes, you get a variety of supplements for your cat. The most common met supplements are Vitamin A supplements and Vitamin B12 supplements, or even vitamin E supplements. Vitamin A is essential for your cat’s night vision and it supports the immune system. It’s also important for the cat to have a healthy skin and it contains antioxidant properties, which are vital for your cat. Vitamin B12, and all the other B vitamins are extremely important as well for your cat. The fact that this food can give her vital supplements she needs in order to remain healthy is definitely something you should consider before deciding on the type of cat food you’ll buy.

Customer service

The way they treat clients is the best. Although the ingredients might not be the most expensive ones out there, through their online support you can actually see that they care about the cats, about them getting the best food and about making you understand all about what they should eat. On every different type of food you get clear instructions about how and when you should feed your cat, and if you’re still unsure, then they can offer you further help. Through this, they show that they don’t only care about selling everything – because otherwise they’d just say that everything’s good for everything.

All in one, the Meow Mix is a good option when it comes to your cat’s diet. There are a variety of flavors and different ingredients, however not all of them are 100% healthy and natural, thing that comes at every type of food nowadays, it’s nothing to be surprised about. It’s up to you to take care of your cat, find out what she likes, if she likes this food and if she reacts in a good way to that food – not all the cats react the same. Taking into account the variety of vitamins and antioxidants you can feed your cat with, which are also vital for their health, you can give this mix a try. But don’t forget – it’s all up to your kitten!

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