Cat Food Ratings

Cat Food Ratings will Help you Choose the Best Cat Food

It is quite true that every cat owner wants the best food for his or her cat. At the same time, it must also be noted that most cat owners purchase the best cat food available in the market without even thinking that whether they are doing the right thing or not. It is important for cat owners to understand that not all the varieties of cat foods available in the market are nutritional for their cats. It is possible for the foods to be nothing more than euthanized dogs, chicken feet and pet road kill. This goes true even for the foods for which you pay $40 and more. You must understand that there are numerous dark secrets hidden behind those fancy slogans and colorful bags.

Cat Food RatingsThe Process of Manufacturing Cat Food

When different animals are butchered for food like cattle, lambs and chicken, lean muscle is put away to be consumed by human beings. Post removal of lean muscle, there is approximately 50% carcass left and this carcass is used in pet food. The carcass usually includes ligaments, intestines, blood, bones and lungs. This carcass is treated with chemicals and then sold in colorful bags in the form of cat or dog food. First of all, a preservative is added for keeping it fresh while being shipped and while it is placed on the store shelf. The most common preservatives added to cat food are butylated hydroxyanisole, ethoxyguin, propylene glycol and butylated hydroxytoluene. These are preservatives that do not affect the health of a cat.

Other Ingredients of Cat Food

The other common things added to cat food that is commercially sold in the market include:

•    Drying agents

•    Coloring agents

•    Flavoring agents

•    Nutritive sweeteners

•    Texturizers

•    Lubricants.

The Conclusion

In simple terms, it can be said that cats will be able to live longer if they are given homemade food in place of the commercial products. If you do not have the time and the patience to make food for your cat at home then you can always go for the safe products available in the market. However, if at all, you are going for the commercial cat foods available in the market, try going through the Cat Food Ratings carefully. These ratings will give you an idea about the foods that have worked well for other users. You can even go through reviews of various cat foods. Such reviews and ratings are of good help when it comes to choosing the food that serves best for the nutritional requirements of a cat or a kitten. You must have a clear understanding of the labels that come along with the foods. Go through the labels carefully, read the ingredients and the steps used in making the food. Ensure that the food is safe and only then make an informed decision on the cat food of your choice.

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